Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lexi's 1 Year Forever Family Day!!!

One year ago today this amazing little girl was placed in my arms! She was screaming and shaking in terror! The Ayi said she is afraid of strangers! She was not just afraid of strangers but she was afraid of everyone!!! She did not want Daddy or Katy in the room she only wanted Mama and would bury her head and did not want anyone to look at her, she would not make eye contact with anyone.

I was terrified thinking what have I done to my family! We had one beautiful, brilliant, loving amazing daughter from China that fit in our family wonderfully and now I had to ruin it by adding another child that had major issues?

Lexi had very autistic behaviors. She would not make eye contact, did not want any toys or people to play with, would not eat, her activity was what we called "spit art", she would spit on her finger and trace outlines, over and over again! Or she would play with her own fingers right in front of her face! She had boils all around her head and her hair was worn off from rocking her head back and forth. Then to add to that she cried all the time. Developmentally she was about 6-9 months and she was turning 2 in two weeks!

Well we have gone from that to an amazing little girl that will be three in two weeks and she is on target in every area except speech, in which she is making great strides!!! God has blessed us with a loving, affectionate and very smart little girl.
She has really blossomed in 1 year, touching many lives and showing them what love and God can accomplish!

I praise God daily that I had the courage to say "Thank you God for giving me your child to love and nurture" and then trusting Him to know what He is doing! I would have lost out on so many blessings had I given in to my original fears!

Forever Family Day Celebration!

Settling down for nighttime!

Having a tickling party!

This was in the morning after I got home from working all night.
Everyone thought they should go to bed with mom! I was the only one trying to sleep!

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JinXiu said...

Congratulations on the One Year Anniversity of Lexi. She looks like a beautiful well adjusted content child who fits into your family perfectly. You are both blessings to eachother


Mom to Emilee from Xuwen
adopted June 29, 2006