Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our PA is Here!*!*!*

China has pre-approved us to adopt Lexi!!! Now we can send a care package and post what pictures we have of her!

The Agency got an update and we have new measurements but not new pictures. The following pictures were taken when Lexi was approximately 8-9 months old.

Our daughter is Xu Jin Ying at Xuwen Comprehensive Welfare Institute, Guangdong Province. She is 19 months right now, birthday August 23, 2005. At the end of March her measurements were : height 78 cm, weight 11 kg, head circumference 46 cm, chest circumference 47 cm, foot length 11 cm. Which is identical to Katy's measurements at the same age. Lexi has a repaired cleft lip (repaired by the Smile Train) and unrepaired cleft palate.

Lexi's name at adoption will be......Alexis Jean JinYing Harmon and we will call her Lexi!

"Somewhere far across the sea
Waits a little heart for me
Amazing though how it may seem
We both are sharing the same dream
I long to tuck you in at night
And hold your tiny hand so tight
To kiss your tears and keep you near
To chase away your every fear
Only God knew what to do
A red thread tied from me to you
And now my love it's almost time
When I'll be yours and you'll be mine
Soon forever-never to part
My child I bore inside my heart"