Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Learning to do things with NO-NO's on!

Lexi picking up Katy's matching cards.

Snuggling with Daddy!

Lexi snuggling up watching a kids program on

the TV after the Halloween Party.

Halloween Party at Children's Hospital

Thye had a great party for the kids and their siblings.

Thank goodness no candy but both girls got a large stuffed animal.

They had all kind of games and all the kids had fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lexi just back from surgery.

They actually let me carry her back to her room!

She is a little out of it in this picture.

Lexi in Recovery

At Children's they do not usually allow parents in the recovery room. I asked everyone possible to let me go to Lexi as soon as she started to wake up since she has severe stranger anxiety and I did not want her to wake up and think we had abandoned her. The best answer I could get is we will take it into consideration. About 30 minutes after she went to recovery they paged me and asked me to come back as they could not calm her. They would not let me pick her up for 15 minutes she calmed down some with me just talking to her but her heart was in the 170's to 180's and her respiratory rate in the 40's.

As soon as they let me pick her up and hold her, her heart rate dropped to the 130's and her resp rate to the low 20's. The recovery room nurse made the comment that she was muuuuch calmer with her mommy there! Dugh, what did they expect?!

Katy waiting for Lexi to get out of surgery.

Katy helping Dad take everything to Lexi's room.

Katy's favorite play place.

Lexi's Room.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Lexi's Pre-Op Appointment

Of course now is when Lexi is deciding she really wants to eat everything we do! The last picture she is saying all done.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Ladybugs Playgroup Fall Party

Katy and Lexi had a lot of fun at the Little Ladybugs Fall Party! There were some awesome snacks and they got to play in a pool filled with rice followed by pumpkin decorating with foam cut outs. We could not drag Katy and Lexi away from the rice pool to decorate their pumpkin though. The ones deocrated by the other girls were very cute. The Katy and Lexi really like the wagon hay rides they did not want to get out.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Katy and Lexi

We were out running errands and apparently wore Katy out as she and her ponies are taking a nap! Lexi on the other hand is full of mischief and quite delighted with herself that she was able to get her shoes and socks off!!