Friday, November 23, 2007

A Thanksgiving Day to remember!

This is one Thanksgiving we will never forget!

First we we went to cook breakfast the two large burners on the stove quit working! Thanks goodness we are doing most of the cooking at my sons house!

We were running late getting out of the house to go to our sons house for dinner when Dave asks who spilled water in the hall? I said I didn't know anyone had. I went to look to see what he was talking about and the puddle was growing and getting bigger before our eyes! About that time someone was knocking loudly at our front door, it was the neighbor on the bottom floor (we are on the third floor) wanting to know if we have a leak as they have water coming into their apartment through their ceiling and out their fire sprayer nossels! We call maintenance and they call maintenance and we keep finding more water. We are mopping and mopping, and trying to get the yams off the stove before they are mush or burn. Then the neighbors from the second floor come up and ask if we have a leak? Well yes but we do not know what is causing it as we continue to mop and the water just keeps coming, at first I thought it was the washing machine but we did one load without any trouble and the second load was done already. About that time Dave decided he had better get his shower or it might not happen. When he is in the shower I got the bright idea that it might be the hot water heater, I asked him if the pressure or anything was off and he said no, just as he was getting out maintenance showed up and looked around and figured out it was our water heater and turned our water off, the water heater was broken! I cleaned out the closet it was in and we told them to have a great Thanksgiving and we left!!!

This was not the end to our adventure. Dinner ended up being a couple hours late which was no big deal, we always kinda of go with the flow on thanksgiving, but our main dish, a vegetarian casserole was not finished cooking until a couple hours after dinner was done. Oh well you always eat to much for thanksgiving anyway and now we have great left overs!

Next thing we find
Katy with a jar of vasoline covering the fish tank in it, I mean covering with a nice thick layer of greasy vasoline! This is a small five gallon plastic tank but she is just fascinated with it.

After everything was cleaned up, including the fish tank, we decided to watch a movie with our sons. We got the girls in their pj''s and settled in to watch. About 20 minutes into the movie Katy managed pull the fish tank off the counter down onto a table! She had blood running down her arm and dripping off, she was fine until she saw the blood and then started screaming! I took her in the bathroom and cleaned her up trying to find where it was coming from, she had cut her pinky finger right in the crease, it did not look to bad so we decided to hold pressure on it and finish the movie. Well... an hour and a half later as soon as you let go it still kept bleeding! We decided to pack everything up and head home, the hospital is about two minutes from our house. I had to hold her in order to hold pressure on her finger, their was no way put her in her car seat and me be close enough to keep pressure on it. Katy's finger continued to bleed when you let go of it so we went to the Emergency room instead of home. She ended up with 2 stitches in her pinky, she had cut into the little artery in the finger so the doc said it would not quit bleeding without the sutures!

We finally ended up back at home at 2am to find a industrial blower in our hall trying to dry the carpet, a cold house and all the windows wet from all the moisture. On this Thanksgiving I AM THANKFUL THAT WE HAVE A HOME AND A WONDERFUL FAMILY TO SPEND TIME WITH even though you have these little mishaps in life!!!!

Thanksgiving Day!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I was blessed to have most of my children together for my birthday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Dave and I were talking in the car about Starbucks and Katy pipes up "I like juice!" I think maybe she has been to Starbucks to many times!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The No-No's Don't slow Lexi down!

We took the girls to the local mall to get a little exercise. Lexi was more adventuresome than she had ever been. The No-No's on arms did not slow her down at all! They both had a blast on this slide and kept going over and over!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Things Kids Say!

Katy found an older picture of her brother's that are 23 and 19 now. She studies the picture for a few minutes and then asks "Is this My Kurtis and My Kevin?" I replied that it is a picture of them when they were younger. She pauses for a second and says "Did we get them a long time ago?"

Playing with Dad

Katy is very imaginative.

She is wearing her bag for her Halloween candy
as a hat riding her horsey!