Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Lexi!


Lexi turned 3 today!!! We had family over, she had a lot of fun and so did the other kids.

She was much more interested in her presents this year and really knew what to do with them. Marc and Max seemed to take quite an interest in what was going on. Before everyone got there we fed the kids a lite lunch and then had Charlotte, our exchange student, explain to the boys that we would be eating again pretty soon for Lexi's Birthday Party! Max got very upset and told Charlotte he did not want a party because after the party we would send him away! My heart just aches for Max when I see how afraid he still is that we will send him away. We reasurred him that we love him and we are his Mama and Baba forever!

Charlotte was really surprised by all the food. She told us her parents have never bought her presents, that for your birthday they just take her out to dinner and have friends along but no gift exchange.

Charlotte is kinking the hose so that when the kids get close to the water she lets it go and it really sprays them. The little kids just loved it!

After the presents and the food we let the kids run in the sprinkler.
Logan really enjoyed himself but I really needed a video to capture all the squeals of delight!

The four little ones did some swinging after everyone left.
This is their favorite way to swing.
We only have two swings so they share and all of them can swing at once.

One of the gifts Lexi got was play dough with cutters and the works.
The kids had a lot of fun making all kinds of things.

We got this picture of Marc at the end of the day!
I think we wore him out!

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Sherri & Todd said...

I know i'm late but Happy Birthday to Lexi.
It looks like the boys are doing very well? I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while, but I just figured out who you where after and email. I have requested to view your blog as I followed you while in China getting the boys and I have always wondered how their doing. I was going though my old emails and found your site. What a happy family you have there. Thanks for sharing your blog.
Hugs from Florida,