Sunday, January 25, 2009

Westminster Chapel Lunar New Year Celebration!

Lunar New Year Celebration - The Year of the OX!

This is the Chinese year of the Ox. We took the little kids along with Charlotte our exchange student and her friend Maggie to the celebration that Westminster Church put on for the community. We had a lot of fun, the food was great along with a lot of activities for the little kids and then some great performances in the auditorium.

Lexi and Kaitlyn enjoying some of the food.
They gave you take out cartons at the door when you came in with a pair of chopsticks.
The kids did quite well with it.

Here Charlotte is writing her Chinese name in character form.

Kaitlyn was our little cat with the face painting.

Max and Kaitlyn, Marcus and Lexi trying their hand at chopsticks! Max was quite good at this, he was able to almost fill his cup up in 30 seconds, Kaitlyn was next and had hers half full.

Lexi fishing!

Lexi was happy to just have a heart on her face.
Marcus, Max and Kaitlyn.


myperfectlyimperfectfamily said...

So glad to see that you updated your blog! I've been dying to know how your boys are doing. I hope that things are going really well for you and your family. Jacob is doing amazingly well! Feel free to shoot me an email if you get a chance .

God Bless,
Christen Beaudoin
(MAA travel group)

One Happy Momma said...

Love the pics of the kids.

Especially the last one!

Hope you had a good time at the Celebration.